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Unrestricted Community Grants

Grant Guidelines

About the Fund

The Heartland Area Action Fund, Stockton Community Fund, and Ellis, Rooks, and Trego County Legacy Funds, are unrestricted community grant funds designated to support current and future charitable needs of communities in the Heartland area.

What do the funds support?

The funds support a wide variety of community needs and populations with one common goal- to improve the quality of life of the Heartland area.

Are any of the funds restricted?

Although the purpose of the grant funds are unrestricted in nature, some funds are restricted to certain geographic areas:

  • Heartland Area Action Fund: restricted to Ellis, Rooks & Trego Counties in Kansas
  • Ellis County Legacy Fund: restricted to Ellis County, KS
  • Rooks County Legacy Fund: restricted to Rooks County, KS
  • Stockton Community Fund: restricted to Stockton, KS.
  • Trego County Legacy Fund: restricted to Trego County, KS.

Is there a separate application process per fund?

No. All grant requests are submitted on one universal grant application.