Second Chance Match Dollars Available for Heartland Community Foundation: Help Secure $10,902 Before the New Year!

HAYS, Kan.— Heartland Community Foundation is reaching out this December to share an exciting second-chance match opportunity with its friends and supporters.

The Patterson Family Foundation, known for its impactful philanthropy, issued a generous match challenge to rural community foundations in Kansas in 2023, offering up to $70,000 in matching dollars. During Match Month last February, the Heartland Community Foundation successfully raised an impressive $59,098 in Ellis County, a testament to the incredible community spirit that thrives in the area. We have recently discovered that we have a second chance to capture the remaining $10,902! But we have to do it before the New Year!

"This second-chance offer is an unexpected opportunity for us to secure the remaining $10,902 from the Patterson Family Foundation. It's a chance we don't want to miss!" said Sarah Meitner, executive director.

All donations received will go to the Ellis County Legacy Fund, our permanent community endowment. This impact fund supports a wide range of community causes, including youth programs, senior services, arts and culture, parks, healthcare, and more. Each donation, regardless of size, leaves a lasting impact on the community, positively affecting the lives of those who call it home.

During Match Month last February, the Dane G. Hansen Foundation matched donations to HCF with $2-for-every-$1 donated, up to $50,000. The Patterson Family Foundation announced in March, after Heartland completed its Match Month campaign, that it was sweetening the offer to community foundations with a $1-for-$1 match of its own, up to $70,000! We were able to qualify for match dollars with a retroactive application but didn’t have the opportunity to promote the offer from the Patterson Family Foundation. Until now! Rooks County and Trego County raised more than $70,000 to capture all of the match dollars available; the second-chance opportunity only applies to Ellis County.

"What you're seeing is an investment from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and the Patterson Family Foundation into the community foundations because of the important role that community foundations play for the future of the areas served,” Meitner continued. “We thank them for this incredible offer and considerable investment into Ellis, Rooks, and Trego County -- especially the chance now to capture the remaining $10,902!”

This year-end appeal is not meant to replace Heartland Community Foundation's annual Match Month campaign in February, which plays a vital role in overall grantmaking efforts. However, with a second-chance offer on the table, Heartland Community Foundation is seizing the opportunity to further enhance its impact before we ring in the New Year.

To help secure the last matching dollars, Heartland Community Foundation is calling on its community and supporters to make a holiday gift today. Your contribution, whether large or small, will make a significant difference and fuel the organization's ability to continue its impactful mission.

Don't miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary opportunity. Join Heartland Community Foundation in making a holiday gift today before Dec. 31 and be a catalyst for positive change in Ellis County.

For more information about the Heartland Community Foundation, to make a donation to one of the funds managed by the community foundation, or to apply for a grant, visit  Look for the GIVE ONLINE button to make a charitable gift. To follow the latest news, view grantee profiles, or see featured funds, follow Heartland on Facebook at @HeartlandCF. Or contact Sarah Meitner, Executive Director, at