Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds allow donors to designate a specific cause or geographic area for grant making without having to name a specific organization. Grants are made through an application process administered by the Foundation and/or with a special advisory group with expertise in the field of interest.

Dane G. Hansen Foundation Community Grant Fund*
This fund was established by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation to fund grants in Ellis, Rooks, and Trego Counties that address community beautification, education, environment, health & human service and inter-generational projects/programs.

Heartland Healthy Living Fund
To promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities in Ellis, Rooks and Trego Counties through encouragement of healthy lifestyles, behaviors and environments.

Kansas Health Foundation Fund for Heartland Community
This is a public health fund formed as a result of participating in the Kansas Health Foundation’s GROW II program. Like the Heartland Healthy Living Fund, it promotes the health and well-being of individuals and communities in Ellis, Rooks and Trego Counites through encouragement of healthy lifestyles, behaviors and environments.

Stockton Community Fund
This is an unrestricted community grant fund that directly supports the Stockton, KS community.

Ellis County, Rooks County, Trego County Legacy Funds
These unrestricted funds formed as a result of the Twice as Nice fundraising campaign, which was created as a result of the ongoing partnership with the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, and will benefit the respective county.

*Pass-through non-endowed fund.

Recent News

Strategic Doing Re-Start meeting set for Rooks county

The Heartland Community Foundation, which serves Ellis, Rooks and Trego counties, has scheduled the Strategic Doing meeting for Rooks County. The Rooks County meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Monday, November 4, at the Rooks County Health Department conference room (upstairs), 426 Main, Stockton Kansas. Results of the working groups from the September meeting will be shared. Additionally, other project ideas will be identified, and project teams will be formed for discussion and action. Strategic Doing is an engaging process that actively helps residents implement their ideas for community improvement projects. New ideas and working groups are encouraged to attend and[...]

Deadline Nearing for IRA Charitable Contributions

If you are 70½ years old or older, you can make an impact on your favorite charity by making a gift from your IRA to a fund at the community foundation. This is an easy and effective way to make a gift that helps satisfy your required minimum distribution, while also reducing your taxable income. Who can take advantage of the IRA charitable rollover provision?If you have an IRA and are 70½ or older, you and your spouse (each) can take a tax-free charitable distribution from your IRA. Who can receive the gift? The IRA must be gifted directly to[...]