Grant Reporting

A key component of our grant making program is understanding the effectiveness of the initiatives our grants help to fund. Our goal is to inform and improve our decision-making and, where appropriate, share this learning with future grantees. Ultimately, we collect best practices and lessons learned to better inform our own grant making, and we thank all of our grantees for helping us with this process.

When your grant is completed, please submit a final grant report. If the grant is not completed, please contact or call 785-823-1800 to determine if an interim grant report should be completed or if the due date for the final report should be extended.

Community grant recipients are required to complete a final report upon completion of the grant term (typically within 12 months, or 30 days after completion of the project) and before subsequent grant applications will be considered.  It is important that we receive timely updates on your progress and a final report about the outcomes of your project. If there has been a change in the timeline or activities associated with your grant, please contact

Information to include in the grant report

  • We rely on your candid grant reports to assist us. Please provide your honest thoughts about the short-term results and the longer-term potential of the project, program, or work for which funds were granted.
  • We are just as interested in what did not work as what did. While we understand the wish to focus on successes, we also respect the candor and insight involved in sharing lessons learned.
  • Your grant report should be based on the description and anticipated outcomes in your original proposal narrative. Please refer to your original proposal as you prepare your grant report.

As you prepare your grant report, we hope you will also Share Your Story. Consider submitting the results of your grant award in a story format so that others can get to know your organization.

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